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Child sponsorship


Sponsor a child in the high Himalayas  $260 p.a. or $22 p.m.

Each sponsored child has one sponsor, since they live with their families. Sponsorship pays for their education. The sponsored child's family decides whether the sponsorship money is used for

  • additional assistance with day to day living while their child attends the local 'free' government school (otherwise the child may be required to work in the fields) or

  • attendance of their child at the local North Pole private school in Jibajibe where a higher level of education is provided and a child may start at his/her appropriate level rather than his/her age group. Some children walk for up to one and a half hours to and from North Pole School each day to receive an education.


The annual cost can be paid at $22 per month (payable 1st of month). 

This sponsorship program began in 2011 in response to the alarming 85% illiteracy rate within the community. After ten years in operation parents have come to realize how important it is to educate their children and the waiting list for sponsorships continues to grow.

Reach Out Nepal has seen first-hand the incredible changes that are taking place through the opportunities in education being offered to these children with several students now attending University.  As at mid 2020, 69 children in K-Year 12.are sponsored as part of this program.


Becoming a child sponsor means you can follow the progress of your child

You will be allocated a child and can contact them or monitor their progress.

We get regular written reports on the children in Kathmandu.

Ongoing reports on children and other sponsorship projects in the high Himalayas are done on a voluntary basis by Margot who lives in Australia but goes to Nepal as often as possible. Just getting to some of these remote villages is difficult and time consuming. The situation has been made more difficult by first the earthquakes and now Covid19. But our relationship with Hari and the rest of the HHCP is excellent and so  you will be kept in the loop if there is a need to do so.  

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local  primary school's students at clas


Sponsor a child in Kathmandu    $240 p.a. or $20 p.m.

Be part of finishing the education of a child in Kathmandu who has been part of our program for many years but needs another sponsor to cover the increasing costs of a boarding school education. There is also an optional annual payment of $10 towards gifts for our sponsored children in Kathmandu eg an item of new clothing. 


In Kathmandu we currently sponsor 12 students, six of whom are at various stages of completing Bachelor degrees while 6 are in years 10-12. Each student requires a minimum of 6 sponsors. Sponsorship provides not only funds for education but also for accommodation, food and sundry items while ever the children and young adults are studying. Sponsorship stops once a student completes his or her Bachelor degree.


We are not taking on any more students in Kathmandu due to the rising costs of Boarding and tuition fees. We are however committed to continuing the education of those children who have already been with us for many years. The assistance of just a few people is needed so these children can finish their education. 

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